Why is BGE networking hard?

I don’t understand why creating a networked game is so hard…To me it’s just that all you need to do is create a host, create a game room, and spawn in a couple parented objects for your character…then delete it when you are done…hmmm is there a giant essence I’m somehow missing out on?

My first thought :wink:

That is actually all you do. It’s the semantics of how that takes place that we spend our time developing. You have to consider things like security, how to deal with latency (half a second is a lot of time, especially in an FPS), how to make it flexible for development.

You can get basic networking working within 30 minutes:

But expanding and optimizing it to fit and support a game takes a lot more time. Its hard to understand these things until you try for yourself

You haven’t missed anything. That is all you have to do. Now do do it. Was it as easy as you described? Nope.

Like everything in making games, you can describe it in really simple terms (ie a FPS: move the player when I press WSAD, change view when I move the mouse, shoot when I click the gun), but the challenge is in implementation.

The “hard” is in the details.

Here’s a tutorial on how to get basic networking up and running:

So, even for such a simple scenario, it takes quite a bit of code - extrapolate from there, to something that actually resembles a playable game, and it turns into a whole lot of work.

PS: … Was this a troll? … Hard to tell on these forums.