Why is Marvin flashing?

See his hemlet brush thingumy? Why is it flashing like that? The hinge bit on his helmet flashes like this as well. (you can’t see it so well here) I’ve spent ages checking the mesh hasn’t got any extra planes and tweaking render settings etc but I can’t get rid of it, unless I turn mesh smooth off. What’s happening? any ideas?

Oh - and what do you think so far? I quiet like it, :slight_smile: just need to work out how to use those pesky RVKs properly so I can get all that emotion into his face!



I am going to guess it is either a doubles or a normals issue. select all verts and press ‘remove doubles’, then select the ones tha are flashing, and click in edit buttons ‘normals’, so it will draw the normals. if they are facing inside instead of outside, click ‘flip normal’ or do a ctrl N for recalculate normals outside. nice model btw.

Extremely wild guess, but it looks like a specularity highlight that’s moving along the surface and since that part is pretty much parallel, it appears to flicker. Seeing the blend would really help solving a problem like this.


Hi! thanks for the suggestions, they don’t seem to help unfortunately. I can’t upload the blend till tomorrow so that’ll have to wait though I DID discover two things: If I click on the ‘No V Normal Flip’ button in the edit buttons the problem goes away and also if I take the problem areas and scale some of the planes down just a tiny fraction the problem goes away also. Is this just a result of how the mesh smooth works? Is there a better way of dealing with it?

I’ll post the file sometime tomorrow hopefully that’ll shed some light!