Why is my camera-view not working?

When I render or when I hit NP-0, I get a lot of blank. Here’s what a perspective and NP-3 look like:

Is you camera set as active camera? Select the camera and hit Ctrl-NP-0.

Hm, it’s still showing blank gray when I do that… Actually, there doesn’t seem to be any difference between when I do that and when I do just NP-0… I know it’s pointed in the right direction, because the minute I poke it with a bit of perspective so that I’m still right behind the camera, it’s right there.

it might be the clipping on the camera

the model looks rather large

I was told that 1 blander unit is equal to one centimeter, so I scaled it to about 160 units. It does seem really giant though… Was I informed wrong about the scale?

the scale can be whatever you want
(one BU = 1cm or 1 KM or 10,000 leagues)

but the bigger it is - the further you will need to set your clipping for the camera
(and lights)

So the scale is something I’d set if/when I export for another program?

I suppose -

if it is too big (or small in another program) you can rescale it quite easy in blender
or the other program so scale is not an issue

but as you know - the default clipping for the camera (how far the camera can see)
is 100 BU
so your camera can only see 1m
(that’s pretty short sighted)

1 BU = 1cm is fine for small objects
but as you have now found out - bad for large objects

Yeah… I’m just trying to figure out how to judge scale for exporting to Poser and D/S…

camera problem solved though?

You were informed wrong. For physics calculations Blender assumes 1 BU = 1m
What you have there is a model 160m tall.

Eek! I made Godzilla! Thank you, Organic, I will adjust the model accordingly.