Why is my Material color changing when rendered?

Hi all,

Ok, here’s the actual light orange I actually have in an image file.

This is how it shows in the 3D View port with the Material display method. It is not exactly the same, but is understandable, so I’m ok with that.

However once rendered it changes to this dark mustard. It shows the same when I switch to the Rendered display method obviously.

I tried different lighting methods and different strength values too, without avail!
I was initially lighting it with HDR + AO. Then replaced it with a regular Sun lamp.
It only happens when my material uses the Image Texture. If I use the same color values in a Diffuse then it’s ok.

See next post to download the .blend file should feel like inspecting the file.


Here it is!

odd_orange.blend (544 KB)

Your color texture has an alpha channel and is basically half-transparent, which affects the color values:

Make that texture fully opaque and the colors match better:

by the way what you see in the viewport is only an approximation
and there are some bugs with it !

only color you can trust for image is in the UV editor
so color pick color from the UV editor.

happy bl

So true! Thanks a bunch IS :slight_smile: !
I suspected so, except I didn’t see any indication of it in Inkscape. I am still learning all its ins and outs. It turns out the layer’s opacity where that color is, was at half the way.

Thanks for the tip RB :slight_smile: