Why is my render preview different from my final render? Need some help! :)

So I’m making this logo, its a 3D text converted into a mesh, with a another text mesh behind it. the text behind it acts as an light emitter. But when Im in the render view looking from the camera, the lighting is perfect! I hid the actual emitter but kept the light emitted! But every time I do my final render It shows up with a lot of the light missing! And so its hard to see the font! What do I need to fix this?? :slight_smile:

I want my final render to look like the top image ie, the render preview! But what I got is the below image! :frowning:
.blend file included!

Thanks for helping me out! Im a bit of a noob!


TheKarmanBarFontAnimation.blend (8.57 MB)

There’s one lamp that is hidden from viewport but not from render in both scenes. There’s also one mesh that is visible in the viewport but hidden from render.

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