Why is the 3D artist comunity is so male based?

It might be just a wrong impression, but I always wonder why we don’t see many pieces of art made by women in this community, I can count in the fingers the amount of female artists I saw sharing its work on the general 3D based community.

Is there a concrete reason for that? I mean its not like women don’t like art, we all know humans in general like art and there’s a lot of female artists outside this 3D art scope.

My guess is that this community could’ve been scaring woman away for years with its highly sexualized depictions that we all know how common is in this field, I am not sure though.

Any theories?


Part of it could be that many women aren’t interested, and it’s not going to be fixed with men trying to force women into being interested in something just for the sake of having a good gender balance (like what we are seeing already in some areas).

As for over-sexualized depictions and even harassment, there’s nothing forcing anyone to work for a large studio or even a small one. With apps. like Blender, just having a decent PC at home is enough.


What highly sexualised depictions are you referring to?

I am a very new member to this community but I have not seen any yet.

sorry I used the wrong word, not depiction.I mean oversexualized art, this kind of art:


Its the same in any computer related field. Men dominate the industry (although this is slowly changing).

My girlfriend is and artist (she paints) and she hates computers (she thinks they are boring).

I think girls find other interest early on and because of teachers thinking like @humanartist they overlook the women and give any encouragement to the boys.

Why on earth would this scare away women from 3D art? Images as these are hardly representative for the whole community. I dare to say that the vast majority of 3D art does not depict human figures.
I think you are making an issue from something that is really no issue. Do you ask yourself also why there are so few men visiting a nail polish forum? (If something like that exists of course :wink: )


Where are all the women? Dominating other fields, of course.

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That oversexualisation of body of woman is everywhere.
Men are not unique consumers of that kind of pictures. Some women are clients of that.
Heterosexual women who would like to see same content with men’s bodies could produce it.
If it was the main reason : photography, sculpture, any figurative art would encounter same barrier.

I think like icyou520. Their surroundings may try to take them away from computers, from diplomas, from jobs…

But they have absolutely same abilities, same bias, same passion, same misconceptions as men’s ones.
We will not force them to make 3D.
We can only make good movies, good video games, good stills, good 3D prints, etc…
When confronted to that art, if they answer that is not interesting : they are free to make anything else.
We can only encourage them to try 3D if they liked something using it but don’t dare.
At that moment, we can share our knowledge.
They are not stupid. They know that a penis is not useful to handle stylus of a graphical tablet.
And a graphical tablet is all you need to play with sculpt mode, texture paint mode and grease pencil.
They are not less enduring than men and can learn complicated technical tasks like lookdev and rigging.
They are also able to speech freely and criticize other members of community work or ideas.
But if when they are not locked in , they don’t confront themselves to a world : they can’t become part of it.


We all know that they have the same set of skills plus some extra concentration capability.
But since its not because abilities nor because of the hospitality of the community, specially the blender community which is really diverse, we just treat everyone as equal so, what would cause this gender bias.

I have no means to gather statistical data but I would bet that 80-92% are men here in this forum.

I am only curious about this because there aren’t many possible reasons for this discrepancy, maybe some intrinsic cultural effect?

There is a book by Malcolm Gladwell called Outliers that talks about this exactly.

Basically, because society is still ignorant as a whole and grooms kids from an early age to do what they think is best for that child to fit in.

Same thing happens to minorities.

I can almost guarantee that the majority of 3D artist are either White, Asian, or Indian. With Latins and Blacks in a small minority. I know this is true for programmers.

Yeah, and I haven’t ever heard of it working vice versa - that depiction of muscular men scare off men from the industry.

Today is Friday, and that means that Ben Nicholas traditionally sharing artists portfolios from all over the world, you can see quite a lot of female participants there: https://twitter.com/BelgianBoolean
Also you can check Sketchfab’s Women on Sketchfab series to learn more: Sketchfab Community Blog - Women on Sketchfab Archives - Sketchfab Community Blog

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Well so that might be one of my misconceptions

Kinda interesting that many of them go for digital painting or paper drawings on this twitter post, there’s still a recurring pattern there.

That stuff is tame compared to some of the crap some artists do to depict women.

For instance, gross and totally unrealistic distortions in female anatomy to maximize the sense of lust in anyone who views it (ie. the view of a women as more of a sex toy than a fully independent person).

Yes, but I would’t post weird things nearly nsfw as an examples in this thread.

But there also a LOT cases where the modeler just exaggerates the breasts and or butt to ridiculous sizes and then ask for anatomical advice as if he don’t know what’s wrong.

I believe it’s simply because women prefer the real deal, real men and also have much higher standards, better eye for detail, when it comes to all things - not just uncanny valley.

Men are easily satisfied, frustrated and again made happy :smile: machine will do
also multitasking & interactivity is of utmost importancy

It’s just that men are more eager to work on specialized things. Men are Variance, Women are Mean

Men are more inclined to be outliers , educated or not. Also, avoid to use that magical word “Ignorant” … it sounds like a meme in 2019

Could be literally any reason that a female artist might not want to join a community. But I think most of them wouldn’t want to join the BA community because it is so specific. It is a community for blender enthusiast who are also artist, or just enthusiast, and I bet most users here are blender fanboys. In my experience, the whole community has been more about showcasing what blender can do through art. So I’d guess most of them would get a sense of that and go some where else.

It is really a matter of interest, there is no deeper conspiracy here.

That can’t be generalized. In fact, such constraining just does the opposite of the original claim.


The vast majority of 3d artists are male so it is not surprising that most people here are male.