Why material not same on other side with mirror modifier

I have a mirror modifier to the right hand i have blur shade black and yellow. To the left side with the mirror modifier why its not similar to the right hand side

mirror material.blend (975.1 KB)

I tried with uv option did not work for me. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

EDIT: actually, disregard the below. I’m not sure what I was thinking. haha You’re using Generated Coordinates. You need to switch to UV (and have a properly UV mapped mesh) if you want to take advantage of the mirroring.

The mirror modifier can mirror UVs, but it doesn’t mirror the material itself. You’d need to either manually map the color ramp from grey to yellow, and back to grey, or bake the material into a texture (mapped to the mirrored UVs).

Or you could just mirror the generated coordinates, like this:

mirror material.blend (963.5 KB)

Technically you wouldn’t need the Y,Z coordnates at all, but I passed them trhough anyway, in case you want to change the texture.

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