Why my 3D elements won't match on Cam view & Render results?

Bare with me please, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the often confusing topic of compositing :frowning:
Just when I thought I had finally understood how to setup compositing for creating the illusion of a 3d obj in a photo.
Everything seems to have worked, except for the fact that the 3d elements end up showing in a different location as that of the one they show in the camera (I only have ONE camera in this scene!).

See where the white box & the peer are located?

Now check where they have moved to :frowning:

Can someone demystify this for me pls?



Ok, I did a test with another image, just a grid, as viewed from the camera perspective. And both positionings matched. However when bringing back the beach photo the problem came back too.
Newest Update:
Mystery solved! By yours truly :wink:
That new position after rendering was simply because I was not rendering at 100% (rolling eyes)

Well, there you have it folks!


I’m guessing that your rendering resolution doesn’t match the resolution of the image.

Steve S

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