why my blueprint is wrong!

Hello world!

please help me,i used this blueprint for modeling an audi tt but i dont understand whats happen:mad::mad:
on top view my vertex are in the hood but in front view my vertices art not in same position.


Open background image panel. you can use offset buttons to move your blueprints where you need them
hope I understood you correctly


i forgot to say that i used the roto pyhton for setup blueprint.

please help me.

Don’t know a thing about roto python yet. Be patient someone will help, sometimes I get answers with an hour or so sometimes a few days.


Just use a background image for the blueprint. Then you can scale it.

why you use side view for the front view of the blueprint?

I used the same blueprints and had to play around adjusting placement, angle, and size in GIMP(free image software) and things still didn’t line up as close as I would have liked. Sorry, I know this doesn’t really help.

Just set the scale of the background image. It works perfectly.

The scale of the images are fine, if you look carefully you will see that the front view on in the window on the right is off center. Look at the design on the grille and the rear-view mirror in both pictures.