Why my sculpting won't work

So I’ve been using blender for a while. Pretty fun. But now that I’m planning on posting animations to my YouTube channel. I want to know why my sculpt tool will not work what-so-ever. All the brushes do nothing and I can’t figure out why. I’ve been looking through forums and videos but can’t find anything.

Hi, @Jay_The_Pyromaniac. Welcome to the community! Can you tell us exactly what you are doing when your brushes do nothing? Can you post a screenshot of your Sculpting workspace? That might help us narrow down some things. Also, what version of Blender are you using? What operating system are you using? What kind of graphics card do you have? Can you share any steps you’ve taken to fix the problem yourself (not just the looking through forums and videos, but actual changes you’ve made to Blender to try to get it to work)?

Hopefully we can get some more info and we can start running down your issue. Hope to hear back soon!

Well, I can take a screenshot of it, here it is.

I’m using the version that I think is the least one. 2.90.1 All I’ve really done to it is change the radius and strength.

Maybe the mesh isn’t dense enough, it may not have enough vertices for the brushes to work with. Try turning on dyntopo first?


If I’m understand your image correctly, It looks to me like you simply need to add more subdivisions to the cube.


@yakuzakazuya and @miketche are spot on! You can do either or both! Having Dyntopo (dynamic topology) will add or remove details on-the-fly while you sculpt. Click the square button next to the Dyntopo text in the Sculpt workspace header to turn it on:

Here is the manual page for that:

Starting off your sculpt with a mesh that already has more than 8 vertices gives you more geometry to push around. You could subdivide your mesh either through Edit Mode or using a Subdivision modifier (you’ll just have to apply the modifier if you want that geometry available to sculpt with).

Finally, your strength is currently set to .032. That is out of 1.0, so that is 3.2% maximum strength. You’ll need to turn that up to something greater to get vertices moving more.

Hope this helps! Happy sculpting!

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Well It’s having an effect, I think that’s it. I’m going to see if I an get it working better but thank you, I think found the issue

Glad to be of help!