Why no external game engines directly in Blender?

I am sure I’m not the first to think about this. Today, other than the Blender Internal Renderer, Blender has lots of different “external renderers”, some free, some not, but only one game engine. Good ol’ Blender Game Engine is alright, but lacks some functionality and is some times difficult to use. Other than that, its license (gpl) scares many.

Notice that today we are seeing more and more “proffesional games” running on all sorts of game engines but that have artwork made in blender.

So I am thinking: WHY NOT INTEGRATE EXTERNAL GAME ENGINES DIRECTLY IN BLENDER? the same way we did to external renderers? I am sure that there are some free game engines that would be happy to join blender (take Ogre3d for example). What do you guys think, would this be possible without modifying Blender?

Think about it, this will:

– probably provide you with a easy free alternative that does not fall under the gpl license by providing an interface to game engines that don’t have one. (Ogre3d, PyGame )

– make making games in external game engines easier as no export/import should be needed and as it could be all done in blender’s well known interface

– attract professional game developers but also game engine programmers to Blender.

– last but not last, remember the fuss about external renderers when Blender 2.5 was in alpha? The same would probably happen, and would reignite game making in Blender.

So do you think this is possible right now?

Take a look at gamekit, from what I can see it aims at providing something similar to what you’re looking for.
Also, OGRE is not a game engine.