Why no YafaRay

Hello, I never have use YafaRay before
I have download YafaRay in to my Blenderfile.
Before in 2.45 - 2.48 I can se YafaRay in render window, not now in 2.49a:)
Can you advice me why


Yafray is no longer under development so was removed in 2.49.

It has been superceded by yaf(a)ray.

This thread may help you getting it installed.


You need the right version for the python version you are using. Read the installation instructions to the letter or you may have difficulty. Search the forum for countless threads on this subject.


Before, there was Yafray, which was included in the render panel of Blender until 2.49.
Now it’s called Yafaray, it is a script you’ll find in Render>Yafaray in the Script window of Blender (if you’ve installed it correctly).
For more informations, check out the Yafaray website.

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Tank you guys. In my iMac Leopasrd10.5.7 I have phyton 2.5. I will check out your websites
Thank you