why oh why do the balloons get black triangles on them?

Okey, before I begin I want to say sorry for having such a big file, the problem with the balloons creating these black-effects on themselves started when I changed the resolution of the output picture settings. I changed back and now they are stuck there. I have no idea what that is causing it. So my question to you is, do any of you blenderusers know this kind of problem such as have encountered it before? if so, how did you solve it? :slight_smile: Anyhow, some facts about the file: there is a hole in the road, in that hole there is a plane creating tons of balloons, the balloons do not have mirror effects on but they do have raytrace on in tranparancy, there is an ambitient light on in the world settings, the balloons do not have any texture, they are individual meshes with their names balloon1 through balloon12. I do know that some of the balloons are going through the ground on the way up so no need to give me mega critizism straight on :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.

Right where the particle emitter is, you have another plane that seems to affect the particle system. Delete that plane and it should work.

whaaaat could a tiny plane over the one summoning everything cause all that problem? well now when I think about it, I added it almost at the same time as I changed the screen resolution, gah silly me. but I’ll have a look in to it:)

gahahaha I removed it, and you’ve got to be kidding me, how the hell is that even possible, that a tiny plane was causing THAT kind of problem, but allright, thanks alot :wink: I am eternally thankful :slight_smile: