[Why?] render: internal vs cycles for rock from the big bunny...(test)


I’m curious for testing to render
then i did download from project the big bunny, i choose the file blend rocks.blend

and i did fix it for textures, and start to render internal blender time

and i try to cycles mode, time:

in fact it’s strange? cycles is best render but time is not fast…

i wanted to know WHY: it’s different time for render: internal and cycles…?
where is error or bug or not optimizer for cycles?

here file blend:rocks-fix.blend (636.5 KB)

here for texture to rocks:
rock1_col.png (1.19 MB)
rock1_col2.png (1.54 MB)

that file is from the big bunny under licence, i dont my made ok? this is tests only…


rocks-fix.blend (636 KB)

there other texture for rocks:
rock2_nor.png (988.7 KB)
rock1_nor.png (756.0 KB)

here file original from the big funny:
rocks.blend (1.11 MB)

i’m waiting for the reason…

thank you


rocks.blend (1.11 MB)


nothing reply… maybe i’m wrong english or explain content?
thank you

Calm down… This is no IRC. :slight_smile:

Cycles is not ‘better’ than Blender Internal. It’s Different. Cycles is for realistic renders, so it makes lots of calculations for that purpose.

Blender Internal has other way of rendering and image. Is Faster to do a lot of things, but it cannot do very well complex materials and their light interactions.

Depending on your objectives, you can choose either of them.

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I’m calm maybe i miss gentle word to ask…ok?
then i need to know cycles PRO and CONS
internal blender PRO and CONS

this topic needs detail information for render: cycles and internal, because i will can to organizer for future render:
short animation or/and still image 3d, etc etc but until now I’m not know for deep, i need extra information, and all of you can write here for detail situation future render engine for…

i’m glad for you write here topic…
there is an documentation for engine cycles compare internal?
for this reason i dont understand for compare like as ROCK made of the big bunny…for me it’s fast render so that can result job short time… instead cycles will long time…and will long time render for job?

for this reason i need to ask you for your opinion and feedback here ok?

thank you

there’s lot’s of things to read, lot’s of things to understand, and lot’s of things to question!

for the answer to your question, it is quite simple:
your answer will be 42.

So unless you understand the problem you want to solve, there will be no straigth path.
Take small steps at the time, and breath naturally.

I presume you are stepping into 3d world…
So start with the BI, and when there’s something more that this engine cannot do for you, jump to cycles.

As far as I can see by the renders you posted, you don’t even need cycles.
(unless you have a secret you don’t want to share…)


OK I’m learning blender, i have many busy, i need new learn information to know Blender native, I’m not 100% know yet, i have patience time to learn it, then i have not secret, i want to share, i never said for secret and not share, only problem my time have not free time, but i like blender so much than Maya, i find FINE with blender and i need to know depth.

i have not render YET and not model 3d YET, but first i want to know and learn ok?
for this reason i want to ask you for your experience life for blender: fast render internal with texture and cycle will slow… for this i want to know, but in the documetation does not wrote/said about SLOW and FAST for BI e BC (blender internal, blender cycles) but i know CYCLES is VERY BEST than BI RESULT QUALITY and DETAIL COLOR LIGHT, REFLECT, ETC but Bi is fast for render… for this i want to know WHY, ok?

thank you

Once again… that’s a very difficult question to answer.
Cycles is very accurate when dealing with light rays…(it’s like a photon simulator) but, just like in reality, you loose the control unless you really know what you’re doing!
BI is more as a ‘Drawing Machine’. You tell the orders, and BI will try to do everything you have said.

I can’t be less metaphorical without explaining to you all the behinds of every process from either render.

The big question is: How much do you want your final image to be accurate, or how much do you want your final image to be pleasant.