Why seamless is not seamless

Fractals- something that can be enlarged, and will not show a seam, because it is a truly repeating pattern.

Seamless texture, looks seamless, but if you try to tile it, it can only go so small, before you see seams… meaning, you cant use a seamless texture, to texture something large.

but you can use a fractal texture. so thats why we learn the procedural textures… .rite?

so does procedural mean fractal?

and if so, how does one go about, learning to generate fractal textures, that look like specific things. for example GRASS… how the hell do I generate grass from a cloud texture >.O

In other programs there are plugins, that will generate grassy textured hills based on fractals. example, GroundWiz - Dreamscape Im sure theres more.

Blender currently lacks something to do this hard work for us. but what makes this worse is, there sooo little learning material out there when it comes to trying to learn to make specific textures.

I know theres the material repository, but theres so little there, theres not much to learn from.

Gah… anyone else frustrated?

Ehm, it’s not Blender’s job to make images for you. Yes, Materials are hard to make, so what. It is in ANY application. If you want to make grassy hills, then programmes like Vue are for you. Blender is not designed to do that and has other main purposes. Procedurals are nice but they won’t do for photorealism, in most cases. You have to create tiling images yourself and try to produce good looking textures.

There are tons of learning materials on how to make textures from scratch or photos out there. Since they’re not application specific, you can learn from anything you find on the net.
It’s different for procedurals, maybe, but that is because it’s hard to use them for everything in your scene. They’re not well suited for everything. I have never seen anyone doing Grass with procedurals, all of the approaches I know work with image textures, cloned models of particles.
So, instead of relying totally on procedurals it’s probably better to try and learn some image texturing methods. For example, good seamless textures don’t show any noticeable seams, it’s one of the things to master when doing them. And that needs some experience.
(of course you can’t avoid a pattern structure if you tile it many times, but the same goes for procedurals…)


Procedural grass.

Unless other programs have the same combination of noise patterns, then I dont think tutorials would translate, unless just for clouds.

I dont think its too much to ask that eventually we have something in blender that can generate some common materials, scene as we have a landscape generators. cloud generators and tree generators.
the essential things are there to do the same thing that vue or dreamscape does.
But as an individual I cant produce procedural materials that good.
but yes, those things are there to do it for you.

I admit, I dislike this kind of thinking. Please don’t be offended, I’m just stating this as my opinion, no need to discuss about it. If you want it, make a proposal to some dev or do it yourself. This is Blender, please get active if you want something. It might not happen otherwise, maybe it does, maybe not. If not, you really shouldn’t expect anything, especially some rather specialized thing like that.

And yeah, that is procedural grass. So, it is possible after all…but since I have nothing more to contribute, I should probably be quiet now :wink:

I actually agree, that if I want something done then I should learn how to do it. And I hope one day I could learn to code. that said, I cant be the only person wanting a full world gen in blender, or a gathering together of existing scripts into something easy to use. I dont really want to use other programs, Id like to see blender develop into something that can do everything.

but I came really venting my frustration at the lack of… instruction in this area.
Where do I go to learn how to make procedural grass in blender? Ive googled, I only have a certain amount of time to spend on the computer.
Whilst at the same time, there are probably pros around here who could easily put something together.
If I had that knowledge, id love to share it.

I dont really have much more to say on the subject either.

Good to see that you didn’t take it the wrong way. It wasn’t meant to but it could sound rude to some people.

I agree on that part. But there are are quite a few problems with that…

First off, some people DON’T like to share. I personally can sympathize. Some of my tricks were hard to learn and I can imagine, if someone really has some skills, then it might not be that easy to simply tell everyone. It was earned by a lot of hard work, after all.

Then there are those who like to share, but simply can’t. You can’t share tricks that involve not simple button clicking but rather difficult approaches to certain problems. Look at subsurf modeling - there are tons of tutorials, but none of them can REALLY help you to master it. You have to do it yourself. This is true in many other fields of 3D as well. Experience and Experimentation is the key and you can’t simply reduce that to some example files or written lines.

Then there are those who like to share, but simply can’t. This time because they’re busy with work, real life or other stuff and don’t want to touch 3D software within their free time even more. (You yourself only have limited time!)

Then there are those who like to share and do it. There are many tutorials out there but you’re right, some fields are better covered than others. This is just personal preference and to be honest, if I knew how to make good procedural grass, knowing that it is not really such a totally necessary thing (and rather specialized), I’d probably not take my time to write an extensive tutorial on that. I’d be wasted time if noone was interested.

Again, many negative things but really, this is all user’s input and it all depends on many factors. The best advice I can give is to ask people personally if they want to share some of their techniques. If you see some good grass in a thread, try to PM the person and ask politely how it was done, if not specified somewhere else already.