why the change?

I was just wondering why Suzanne is called “monkey” in Blender v2.44.

Because she became intimidated by it :wink:

There were rumours that some blenderheads were becoming too fond of Suzanne, with unhealthy repercussion. Thus the name was changed to monkey to cut the bond developed because of the use of a human designation.


it always was monkey. it used to be only available in Edit mode as a clue you were adding in more primitives/primates to a mesh that was about to be compound. But now, the developers brought back customizeable primitives, and she no longer felt “special” being buried as a “hidden” feature and requested that she be given more screen time (and hence more royalties). Because of her star status, her wish was granted, and now she is getting much broader exposure. I hear she even got an email from Amiercan Idol asking if she could sing and dance. Unfortunately, she doesnt have a body so she had to turn them down. She’s really better as a magician.

I really miss the “Ohhh AHHH” or whatever text showed up when adding her.

You can recreate the effect by yelling “Oohhh Ahhh” yourself when adding her.

Make sure the people in your environment do not hear you, they might think you’re masturbating.

That’s what I do every time I add her… minus the yelling of “Oohhh Ahhh!”


Careful, I don’t think monkeys are ok with this.