why there is non-smooth on the surface of the bottle glass.

Hi all,
I use the bottle glass material in: http://matrep.parastudios.de/index.php?action=view&material=733-bottle-glass
the result image looks like that:

There are green “block” and “powers” on the glass surface. How can I remove these since I needs a smooth surface of the glass.

Does anyone know how to adjust the parameters to remove the “blocklike” green eares?

check all normals and may be try to add edgesplit and see if it works
check for doubles

otherwise could be normal shading

try with AO rendering and see if it clarify the render!

can you show mesh

happy cycles

Maybe you should do what you really should have done in the original post. Attach or post a link to your blend file so other users can see what you have. The screenshot on its own is pretty much useless in identifying the root cause of the visual effect.

Hi, the mesh is here https://dl.dropbox.com/u/54750216/mesh.rar
Could you have a look at it? I suspect I should turn off some setting in the material.

normal blender here not cycles

you don’t really have a good light set up here only one lamp!
so might need some work on that side to improve the rendering

can you explain a little what your goal is here
you have 2 textures

do you have pic of a model you want to reproduce ?


i added lamps around and did a render

what do you think

not certain why it is not transparent ?

and not certain if Transp work with raytrace yet in blender ?

first pic seems to be using some alpha or transparency value or not ?
can you elaborate here

also you have a cloud texture for making some noise on mat
that will change the rendering and add some noise to the mat
it could cause some changes at certain locations on your model !


there is no alpha value on your mat or texture
did you forget it ?

and in first pic there was a world or background pic
which is not included but it could influence the material