Why this addon it is not included in ?

http://www.noeol.de/s3d/ :eek:

very cool
I know there are tutorials on how to do post processing 3d but never attempted it

Perhaps the author didn’t submit it for inclusion?

Perhaps the author was asked but for there own reasons wanted to keep it separate and host it themselves?

It’s a nice script, and it’s cool to see it developed to include all the stereoscopic principals.

Personally I still don’t think the workflow is good (see video) because it lacks proper integration. Feedback is most important when working in stereo, and without support for at least an anaglyph mode in the viewport (active shutter glasses while preferable might be more problematic), this will quickly be a pain to work with on larger projects.

The “automatic setup” in the node editor helps, but it’s more a fix than a solution IMHO. Would love to see a “Camera node” and “Stereo node” in the node editor, and for working with image sequences it would be great, when activating the stereo camera, to just be able to press “Render Animation” and Left/Right folders would automatically be created for you (again, better integration).

It is a usable script though, until we see (if ever) an effort to make Blender ready for stereoscopic productions.