Why was my password reset without information?

I made my account 3 weeks ago and today my password didn’t work anymore.

I am assuming this is just forum update, but in this case email notification or informing at front page / at login would be good, so I don’t have to wonder if my email have been compromised.

Another question, what is purpose of requiring 10 character password? I have no confidential information on blenderartists.org so it feels really weird it’s place with the highest password requirements.

10 characters is neither long nor safe.

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We didn’t make any updates that would affect your password. If you can’t log in anymore, just reset it.

Now I am confused because I had written my password down, so I am sure I wrote it correctly when logging in. I double checked username and password from my notes so I am tending towards something in forum still changed.

Could it be because my old password was only 9 characters long?

If you created the account 3 weeks ago and you think it was 9 characters long, you didn’t write it down correctly - the minimum has been 10 characters since we moved to Discourse.

The password I remember having been logging in with and the password I had written down we’re the same.
I am quite sure I had it down right. And I joined 11 February.

Perhaps it do have something to do with moving to discourse? Maybe keep eye on it.

We moved to discourse half a year ago, and noone else has had this issue. You probably made a mistake when you made your account.