why way is the dancer turning NOW A POLL

which way is this dancer turning? i dont know if i believe the right side left side thing but its still cool.

i personly think this will be better then the other tread but only if people post AND vote as to keep it alive. so discuss everyone.

Ok I’ve posted something.

i really wonder if it actually tells if your more right or left brained

Really intriging thought there . . .

probably someone just wanted to make a oicture of a nude dancer

Yep - maybe they had too much time on their hands.

the life of a programmer

. . . lol - typical of a programmer to go to a joint, get images, modify it & put it up on the web,

I need a top view!

a laptop computer view . . . lol

where is the option: I can make it turn either way?

CW, stare right at the image, CCW dont look directly at the image and move your eyes slowly around other parts of the screen… thats how it was/is for me… :confused: eg. im not drunk enough to do coding right now… :wink:

I think it has to do with whether you view the dancer from the “bottom” or from the “top” as in, that when it is spinning clockwise, the “camera” is looking down at her, while if it is spinning counter clockwise, the “camera” is looking up at her, but it is only barely noticable.

It’s kida like this cube http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~axs/fig/cube-only.png,
depending on which way you look at it, you can view the cube in two different persectives.

Thats just my thought though ;).

indeed, looking at it again, i noticed that predominantly it was CCW when looking at the bottom ‘shadow’. :slight_smile:

clockwise , and only clockwise :frowning: .

I noticed that if you can’t get it to ‘change direction’, if you close your eyes and then open them just as the leg is passing in front (or behind, depending on which way its going for you) the vertical leg, you (or I at least) can get it to change direction.

It may take a few tries, but try it out…

Look at the shadow. Look at the shadow. Then magic will happen. Oooouuuiii :spin:

I was thinking that would be under sometimes one way sometimes the other

OK so orignally I only saw it going clockwise. However after reading the posts…it is in fact doing both. The main image is going clockwise while the shadow is going counter clock wise. If it were only going clockwise, the Shadow image of the foot that is extended would be seen when main image is turned around (backwards), like the bottom of the foot is. Cool eye trick tho.