Why won't shrinkwrap work?

hi i am trying to make a clothing for a type 3 body replacer of a game fallout 3 and i go trhough making a cylinder of 8 sides and bring it up to the stomach and when i use the shrinkwrap modifier with out doing anything and just clicking apply it say’s

modifier disabled or returned error,skipping apply why is that? also the body is nif format and i am using blender 2.49b cause its the only one that is good for the format.

" Without doing anything" ? You hafta select the wrapping and type in under Ob the wrapper ( click n key to see or change the name of the selected object( Ob ) ) . It will show you what it is doing on the 3d view before you click apply.You can play with the offset. and there is other stuff there …you know in the boxes there…Good luck.

i changed the name of my cylinder to Wrap and in the modifier ob: i typed same thing only it wont save the name instead it goes blank annoying what am i doing wrong pleas help :confused:

This happens when you type the name wrong. The name should appear on the bottom left corner of the 3D View when you have the target object selected.
Also note that it is case sensitive.

can you demonstrate with an image it still wont work pleas

here is a blend with the spear called s and plane p, just click on it and it should open Blender. is your shrinkwraped object subdivided and not a single faced plane?

i am so new to blender and i know more with 2.5 beta version from blenderguru.com i havent done anything just loaded a body brought a 8 sided cylinder up to the the stomach and want to mold it on the body with shrinkwrap and i haven,t done anything.