Why won't this bend, dangit!!??


Okay so, I’ve tried the retopo tool, shrinkwrap script and numerous other things, but I just can’t get this mesh to proportionately bend along the curved mesh behind it (see pic above)… anyone got some better ideas on how to do this?

Also, some weird artifacts popped up (circled in red: again, see pic above) and can’t seem to figure out why they appeared or how to get rid of them. :eek:

One way is to use curve modifiers if you want it to bend as you want. A little more complicated as you’re on a slop but you can use T (tilt) for the curve points to angle them, or use multiple curve modifiers and different vertex groups.

Hmmm… alrighty, I’ll give that a try and report back. Thanks!

Well, the curve modifier solution hurt my head too much, so I just did it manually by subdividing the mesh many times and counting out the spacing I needed. :o I’m not really all that pleased by the results, so I may try it again.

It seems odd to me that there isn’t an easy way to stretch one mesh proportionately onto another in Blender… I assume other 3D programs can do it, but they aren’t free, either. LOL

I think Richard Marklew’s method is probably the best options in terms of accuracy. You should be able to get exact curves with curve tools. However, if you want a quick’n’easy not so accurate method, use proportionate editing (the doughnut icon at the bottom of the 3D view window in EDIT mode) to pull up edges while rolling the wheel to maintain 3D proportions. If you get a dent in the curve, you should be able to fix it by rotation of the bend area. There should also be X-axis symmetry options so you only have to do one side.

Edit: Why don’t you work the other way? I mean, why not duplicate the curved mesh you’re wanting to end up like and perform simple edits (edgeloop add / delete etc) to get it how you want? Also, why are your pieces all one mesh? It would be easier to manipulate them as units if they were separated.

I think the retopo tool would be best for this. It’s kinda hard to tell from your screenshots, but to me it looks like all the meshes are in edit mode. AFAIK, for retopo to work your meshes must be separate objects. So while you are in edit mode for the mesh you are going to use the retopo tool on, the object you are going to form the mesh to is in object mode…