Why would 4 cores for Blender be a bad idea if Blender uses the GPU?

I’m getting a 4 core i7-6700.

And folks say 8/12 cores will render fast.

But doesn’t the GPU do the rendering?

The GPU has thousands of but slow cores for throughput I also heard, it shoots all core’s computation to the monitor but slowly and CPU could never as fast, confused how it could render more than 1 screen of images through its thousands of cores. Then again if the CPU is faster then why doesn’t that do this job? Confused.

Some operations in blender just use the cpu and if multithreaded will work quicker with more cores
If you use the Blender Renderer, it is cpu only and will render scenes faster with more cores
Some render functions do not work on the gpu so you have to use the cpu so scenes will render faster with more cores
If your scene is too large and does not fit into the memory of your gpu you will have to render on the cpu and the scene will render faster with more cores
Even with a fast gpu, some scenes will just render faster on a cpu then on your gpu and so it will render faster with more cores
If your gpu is a piece of crap your cpu will be faster to render and will render faster with more cores

there is another important aspect to consider when deciding which CPU to get for Blender. Maximum turbo boost frequency of the CPU.

This is very important for parts/operations that are not multi threaded. This applies also to other OS specific operations and other software as well as you most likely will encounter diverse/unexpected scenarios in you workflow.

Consider getting a well balanced boost clock to threads ratio CPU without forgetting that overall stability and disipated heat can pose problems too.