Why would box select (b) stop working?

My model is getting pretty complex, so maybe that’s all it is, but suddenly BOX SELECT no longer works.

Is this known behavior? If so, what causes it to happen?


Is it selecting some random crazy verts nowhere near your selection? I saw that once with last version, we had a thread discussion on it somewhere. Haven’t seen it since. What version are you using? --> try the latest release.


I always hit “a” a time or two before trying to use “b”. So nothing is selected.

As it turns out, it is only SOME of the polys that cannot be selected using box select. (Of course, those are the polys I WANT.) I thought maybe some item arrows in the outliner were unchecked, but everything “should” be accessible. Now the outliner isn’t quite working right. It takes FOREVER (like 20 minutes) to scroll down to check all the objects.

Weird. I started having some pretty serious questions about 2.77 … Twice today, 2.77 brought my entire MacPro to its knees, requiring a hard restart – this is a FIRST in over a year on this machine.

I even tried to download 2.76b again, but on blender.org it is NOT AVAILABLE … only 2.76 from October and earlier. Welcome to the bleeding edge. :-/

All the links from other download sources to 2.76b now only connect to 2.77 … so I guess I’ll get 2.76 and try that next.

http://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.76/ <includes all 2.76 versions