Wich operating system?

Hey everyone…

Lately I got hold of a copy of Softimage XSI 2.0 (ahem… don’t tell anyone) wich can run on Win2000, XP Pro, WinNT and Linux.

At the moment I’m using Win 98 SE.

I’m looking for a solution where I can still use most of my existing programs and games.

Wich operating system do you recommend?

I recommend WIN2000 - Linux - WIN98 boot system - if you have the HD space to do all 3 - or do what I do and build a network of computers running everything:

Win2000 - the best for highend stuff - very stable
Win98 - the best for games - everything else sucks/very unstable in a work enviroment
Linux - Mandrake - great for working on
Linux Debian - server -
MacOS - 7.5 - MIDI stuff
MacOS - 9.2.2 - Graphics, video, Sound, 3D (Strata, Pixels3D, Lightwave)
MacOS - X - Wont buy anything yet as its still too slow but lots of fun to play with- Free DEV tools is really cool - Does Blender 2.25 run faster??? I know there are some issues with older macs which might be a problem

I dont have a SGI workstation but would love one!