Wierd--- Animate ONE object and another is Animated

Hey Blender People,

Again, I’ve been caught off guard with this one.
So I’ve got these two Wooden Doors that I want to swing open. (for a fly-through) The way I created them was by first modeling one, and then, to create the second, using the Mirror Modifier, selecting the polygons and separating into another object.

Heres the problem:
I rotated the Right Door outwards, towards the camera. As soon as the keyframes were set, it turns out the Left Door was also given the exact same keyframes.
If I change the keyframes of either door, the keyframes of the other are changed in exactly the same way.

I didn’t know this was possible in Blender and must have set it up accidentally.
Does anyone know what I did wrong?

btw: They both share the same parent.

objects can share IPO curves. In the IPO window, you will see a 2 in the header. click it to make a copy, and then you will have two curves for the two doors (right now you have one)

Thanks PapaSmurf! I appreciate it.

That makes sense. Its cool that Blender has such a consistent functionality across the board.

What did I do to set this up though? I’d like to know so I can avoid this in the future.


If you make a copy of an object after you’ve animated it, make a new IPO as well.
That is: clone object, then select “add new” in the IPO dropdown menu.