Wierd artifacts after baking maps (Substance Painter)

Hello guys,

I need help, i exported model as FBX.

But when i baking the model in Substance Painter, i get some wierd artifacts as you can see on picture.

Normals are fine, also no overlapping in UV Map.

What did i wrong?

Im novice in Texturing so appologize me please : )

I attach pictures as I exported from Blender and then the settings before baking in the Substance.

Thank you.

I’m not sure did you see this : Substance Painter to Blender normal map issue SOLITION! ??

Thank you, i noticed it happen when i bake Ambient Occlusion, when i baking it without AO, its OK. How to avoid that?

Sorry no Substance Painter here i. I just read another post with normal map problems in SP and than this “Solution” (?) a few minustes ago and i’m always interessted if the problem is from the other program or blender or just something the user might do not the right way (because the two do different things) … on the other hand: your UVs at the ventilation slots seems to be very tight and maybe overlapping ??

There was really small overlap that i missed. It strange cause i checked it with UVPackmaster with no overlapping.
Anyway, thank you.