Wierd interface/menus

If i for instance press space, the menu displays properly. If i then move the curser away, the menu-space becomes black (or shows a fraction of the blender intro-pic). Updating my grafical driver haven’t helped,
I don’t know if it’s same problem, but also when i either try to expand a menu, or split a viewport, i can’t see what i’m doing realtime. It works if i click, but the guidelines and so on are not there meanwhile. It’s not really possible for me to work this way, so any help would be awesome!

have you got an intel graphics card? on windows?
this is not really a blender problem, but its something to do with cheaper GPUs

as it says on the blender dowload page:

“Users with Intel on-board graphics:
some graphics operations (menus or border select) don’t show due to driver bug.”

I think this is a standard problem, and will be fixed in blender 2.5

Okay, i figured that might be a problem. Stupid graphic-chips. I dont suppose an alternative OS like ubuntu would make any difference? I’m a newb at theese matters :smiley:

what if I see the buttons’ pannels overlapping each other? (when I move them, don’t snap automatically, it’s like moving some static windows on each other)

I have an Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4850 (both blender 2.48, and 2.49 gave me the same problem)

on ubuntu (9.4) it’s even more crazy! the whole interface kind of freezes and none of the icons show at all.
it used to be all right on intrepid…


@kmikze, right click in the buttons window and select ‘horizontal’ and hit ctrl+U to save the user defaults