Wierd little character

I’ve spent a few hours messing about and came up with . . .


I think she’ll be much better when (if more like) she has a world to play in.

Aww, what a cutie!

She’s just begging to be animated…

Very cute.

It is me or she’s mouthless?


She is mouthless. No particular reason.

Hopefully she will be animated.

Nice… 8)

Cute! Maybe eyes should be more shiny?

yes, sharper specular point on eyes and I think mouth would be appropriate too… :slight_smile: or at least little nose… anyways, she is very cute. I like her…

I hope to see her animated someday.


She looks like a bathtub duck now :wink: :smiley:
But i like her, don’t worry…

No mouth! Excellent!

She looks like she would be an annoying, whiney spoilt brat, so with out a mouth she can’t be whiney or annoying!!