wierd lockup

Hi all,

new blender user here, I’m coming from Maya because Blender is a bit more light weight (portable) than Maya and I want to get a feel for another software I can use on my resume. I have to say I like what I see so far 2.6 is a world of difference between clunky 2.49 but more to the point.

I just had an interesting “lock up(?)” a few minuets ago. I was fumbling threw my hot keys and I seemed to break blender to the point I couldn’t do anything. My mouse cursor disappeared while over the Blender window and I couldn’t manipulate any of the menu items or rotate the scene.

The screen changed as if it was rendering lighting or generally speaking as a solid with flipped normals but I couldn’t interact with anything (mostly because I wasn’t sure where my mouse was on the screen) I checked my task manager (obviously windows) and the program was happily chugging along as if there wasn’t a problem. I’m wondering if I hit something I shouldn’t have and that situation could have easily been recovered from.

I’m not quite done digging threw the documentation yet but from what I do know, upto the modeling section, that shouldn’t have happened. Then again I could have easily breezed over the hot key I sausage fingered.

Thanks for the help!


maybe you pressed “P” which takes youto game mode. Press esc to get out

that was it… I was trying to do something else at the time, can’t remember what though, but just as I thought it was easily fixed oh well at least I’m starting out with simple things instead of devoting time and effort into things I would cry to lose =P save and save often! hehe