wierd... oh well, finally another blend...

yea, after blenderblock for like hella long, i put out something cool. well, i thought it was cool while i was making it, but now, an hour later, im kinda like… WTF WAS I ON?? haha, so take a look and gimme some CnC and dont flame cuz its wierd… :Z


sorry if i sound a little on edge…

the drawers look a little oddly shaped, i know its a distance-type of shot…but i really think that blender will get your warping of shapes right without having to model it that way…

and the mountains might need some work(bump mapping) cause they are also a little to curvy for a real mountain, i would advise gettin yourself a few reference pics of mountains and try to model off of those

If it’s abstract (which I think it’s supposed to be) then the drawers are allowed to look like that. The mountains look a little fake in comparison with everything else, but hey, maybe it’s supposed to look like that. Maybe it’s a big glob of gum or something.

This one’s hard to critique because it’s abstract. It’s hard to tell what is meant to look a certain way. IMO, tho, it’s awesome just the way it is, no matter what you were smoking at the time :wink:

Lose or Improve the mountains and do something creative with the background and then you’ll have a great picture.

The problem with the mountain is that the lines are going underneath it, because of this the mountain seems to float, I think that if you place your lines just in front of the mountain it would look a great deal less odd already.

i think it looks awesome.
the only thing i see that throws the image off a bit is the mountains.
they look nice, just to pointy. flatten/round off the tips a bit and it’ll look even better. maybe some kind of smooth transition into the ground from the mountains too.

I like it. :smiley: Welcome back, by the way. 8)


Surreal, its good but like everyone else I think the mountains don’t fit the scene, I think you should create them from displacing the plane, and give them the same texture.

The mountains fit the scene perfectly BECAUSE they don’t fit. I love this Skeletor. Great to see someone doing something original :slight_smile: If I were you I would pick ONE object in this scene and give it a primary color. Just to make everyone say, “That doesn’t belong” :smiley:

Hey, I’ve seen similar pictures. Skeletor Dali, right?

Heh, it’s like an alien; you can’t say it doesn’t look right, because it’s not real!
Nice and simple. I like that.

thanx desoto! its good too see you around lately, altho, i liked ur previous avatar better :smiley:
i was thinking of adding some ‘blood’ element to it… i like black and white with a hint of red, but i couldnt think of anything good enough yet… :-? oh well, eventually ill be in the state of mind that i can come up with something good :wink:

yup! i love dali, ive got a book of his 5 feet away as a desk reference 8)

the lines are especially dali-esque imho. they take the focal point, and move it around, so that u never really get bored looking at the image.

i only wish it was easier to do more dali like stuff in blender, but i find sky’s, to be the hardest thing to get right. i cant get a watercolour look from the blender procedurals, and dont kno how in photoshop either… anybody?

uhh… there arent any rules in any art, so theres no “should”, or “allowed”, or “supposed”, or at least there “shouldnt” be any rules 8)

yea, they are oddly shaped… but ISNT IT COOL??? :smiley: :Z
if u look, the drawers are totally askew. maybe they need to be mirrored. idk, ill play around with it.

Thanx for the comments, please keep em comin!

missed ur post :smiley:

thanx! im glad u like it. but whats this about an alien… hmmmm…

/me adds an alien named dvirus101

:Z 8) :smiley:

All I have to say is… that rocks!
keep up this great work!

I was just referring to this alien here :slight_smile:

Do what you want with your insanity; no one’s gonna stop you :wink:

well… idk about that… :-?

:smiley: :Z

they’re coming to take me away ha ha
they’re coming to take me away

Even Dali’s work had a sense of visual coherency. That’s what made them work. The images were entirely unreal, but he painted them in a way that made them seem plausible.

As they currently are, the mountains do not work. Lighting for them is overly bright. Level of detail is not consistant with the drawers or the table n’ chairs. Unlike the rest of the scene, it has the feeling of being pasted over the image as a whole rather than placed on the ground plane. I don’t mind that it doesn’t flow smoothly into the ground as much as I mind it simply not fitting. Compositionally, this piece is great. The eye really moves nicely through the space. The skewed angles and manipulation of perspective are also strong points.

If you weren’t interested in putting a lot more work into this once, I’d recommend just playing with the lighting on the mountains to get it right.

Keep it up.