wierd pysics problem

i have an armature character parented to a dynamic cube, which controls the movement. when the player falls from wherever i place it, it will stay at the hieght of whatever it first touches. the cube is dynamic, becuase when i jump, (the jumping is a force, not an animation) it always falls back to the ground.

sorry, its hard to explain, i will post a visual if needed.

.blend–> http://www.filefactory.com/file/dee1c4/

It’s got something to do with the cube, but I don’t know what. I made a copy of the cube, and it just sits in space even though it’s dynamic. I deleted the cube and parented the armature to a dynamic cube and the thing dropped normally.

so you made another dynamic cube and parented the armature to the mesh, and that worked for you?

Well, it dropped, by then I had made a lot of other changes, too, so I can’t say it worked. The box that was in the blend didn’t drop with gravity for me with the character attatched. I made a cube dynamic, deleted the box that was there and parented the armature to the new box and it dropped normally.

There are quite a few problems, but not with the physics. I’ll see if maybe I can make a simple character demo thing.

In the meanwhile check here for good tips:Physics Tips

ok thanks.

Yeah Karaoke just check out the new thread I made, Character Template