wierd streching problem


I am working on a project, where i want to rotate camera around some object. Rotating around one axis is ok (x axis i believe :o, when i move mouse up or down) but when i do left/right mouse movement, object changes shape… :eek: it is stretched, expanded. When i move camera back every thing is ok… :spin:

It is weird, i am confused and don’t know what to do… I am moving only camera, object is undisturbed.

Dose any one have some solution for this???

do you have any of the verts parented to the camera

If your camera has a very small lens size, it might cause “strecthing” because the object goes to a different point on the lense. I dont know if you have changed it, just a possibility. I think the default value is “35”.

camera clipping?

edit: or not.

Select both your camera and whatever you have it parented to and press Alt-S to clear the size, or, if the camera is in the default position, Ctrl-A to apply Size and Rotation.

By the way, this kind of question belongs in the Basics and Interface forum.

Hope this helps.