wierd tangent shadow?

why whenever i apply tangent reflection to my modles it does this wierd looking squared off shadow thing?:confused:


try turning up the shadowbuffer samples on your lamp.

okay i put the samples up to 10 and increased the soft size a little, but the shadow is still a little squarish.:no:


hm…try giving it an extra render level or two on the susurf maybe. it is set to smooth, right?

I think the lighting control may have something to do with this. Shadow Bias setting, perhaps ?

well i smothed it right but ill try to put the subsurf up a little and ill try to mess with the lighing

here i put the render lvls for the subsurf modifier on a sphere and it turned out good, thanks.


but now the vase has vanished. the sphere looks dull in comparison to the vase for some reason.

i know but i forgot to save and my computer froze so i just decided to use the sphere