Wiggle bones (a jiggle bone implementation for 2.8)

We recently collectively realized that if you have more than one scene it messes with the baking outcome. If you have more than one scene - try just with just one and see if the baked keyframes are better. When baking make sure to check the box to have bones/armature/scene (all work the same functionally) disabled when its done.

I only have 1 scene but I have 2 render layers.
And yeah it works fine when it is just 1 render layer.


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Oops, yeah maybe its render layers!

@shteeve if / when you post a question on stack exchange, could you post a link to it here? I’d also like to get some insight to how this dependency graph works (in layman’s terms) and how to manipulate the data it handles or if it’s even possible.

EDIT: So I did some more experimenting. I modified the 1.4.3 version of the script by adding the depsgraph parameter and following lines to the beginning of jiggle_bone_post method.

if(depsgraph.view_layer != bpy.context.view_layer or depsgraph.id_type_updated(‘ARMATURE’) == false):

Now, if you have the LAST viewlayer active when doing the bake, it SEEMS to bake accurately. I’ll see if I can reproduce this behaviour in other project files. Hopefully this isn’t just a red herring. Unfortunately I can’t explain this behaviour. Hopefully this will give you some clues as to what the heck is going on haha :smiley:

EDIT: Unfortunately this did not work in a more complicated scene with collections in it.

EDIT: Okay so maybe it did actually work. I’m guessing that the required ViewLayer is the last one, based on creation date. In my complex scene, I had to use the Foreground ViewLayer, so it’s not based on alphabetical order.


  • BG
  • Foreground
  • Mask
  • Masked Object
  • View Layer

Problem is, my project is also split by Collections and the Foreground ViewLayer didn’t have the Collection with the armature enabled, so I had

  1. Select the last viewlayer based on creation date
  2. enable the collection with the target armature in it
  3. Select armature and bake
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Not working with 2.82. After hitting bake, it deletes ALL current keyframes from the entire project. Scary!

Yikes! I’ve been using it with 2.82 extensively. Is it possible you have the additive option enabled, which will have pushed your existing animation into an NLA strip?

Just re-read, is it even affecting keyframes on unselected objects?

Thankyou for investigating this! I’ been trying to skip any viewlayer that wasn’t the active one but wasn’t having any luck. I’ll look more into your method!

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Where’s the additive option? I tried to find it and I can’t seem to locate it anywhere.

It deletes all keyframes on all objects in the entire project. Completely wipes everything clean and only the new bake keyframes appear.

i guess i should clarify, are you using blender’s normal “bake action” operator, or specifically calling it from the bone panel as shown below:

if you’re calling it from the wiggle bone panel, the only thing it should be doing in addition to calling the regular bake operator are some convenience automations on the active object. if its happening with the regular bake action, is there any possibility you have hit select-all prior to running the bake or anything?

if you are able to duplicate the issue in a test file, you can post it and i’ll see what i can do to track down the issue!

I do not have such options. I am using the bake button on the addon.
This is what I have. Using version 1.4.3 which I thought was the latest.
I did try with the same file with 2.81 and it’s still doing it. Must be the project or some other option inside it, because it was working fine in 2.81 just yesterday with a different project. I did end up using the LNA and pushed the entire animation there as an action, then tried baking the wiggle again and that worked. Not a real fix but it worked. I must be doing something wrong or there’s something wrong with this project. Will let you know if I have any issues as I test more with other/new projects in 2.82.

hey again! i just made some progress on the multi view layer issue. i tried @Daimler 's approach of comparing the depsgraph view layer to the context view layer, and initially it wasn’t working - however it turns out this is is because of the frame_change_pre handler, doesn’t have a depsgraph option for this logic. if i disable the frame_change_pre handler, it seems to work!

the frame_change_pre handler is what allows un-keyed bones to still jiggle, but i have a feeling i can clean up the logic that is causing problems on bake, so fingers crossed i should have a solution soon!


try this one instead:
wiggle_bones1_5_b14.py (47.7 KB)

If you’ve got multiple view layers in your project, thats also a known issue for baking that i’ve been trying to sort out - although the messing up all scene objects sounds like something new


This add-on is amazing! Would it be possible to have this on GitHub so we can keep track of updates?
Congrats on the work btw. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Nice work!
Please collision fix :smiley:

I use your addon and it’s really great, easy to use and amazing results
Thanks a lot !

ill try to get one of my developer buddies at work to hopefully help get me set up on github!

in the meantime, i updated the first post with a proposed fix for the multiple view layer baking issues. things are definitely getting pretty quirky with all these work arounds, but do let me know if it at least addresses the worst issues. @DJTHED i tried it with your file from way back when, and it seems to bake properly now!


wow… this is amazing… you are genius!

Thank you so much! I think one issue in particular if fixed would improve it a lot:

When you start the animation at say: frame 30, the Wiggle Bones go crazy until they are “harden”, making the whole animation inaccurate. It only works well when starting from frame 0.

Making it only calculate from the start (independent if it’s from 0 or 30) would be amazing!


currently there are several ways to achieve what you’re looking for. the wiggle physics by default reset on the start frame of the timeline (with an option to disable if you want to produce clean loops), so you can change the start frame if you’re working on sections in the middle of your animation and want the wiggle bones to start from there without freaking out.

if you’re jumping more randomly around the timeline and want the ability to reset the wiggle from wherever you are, i included a “reset physics state” operator in the jiggle panel. i just checked and you can also add this to quick favourites so you can trigger it easier!

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 8.02.40 AM

i’m guessing the ideal would be for this to happen ‘auto-magically’ - and i might be able to figure something out :wink: but in the meantime those other options are there to help with your work flow!

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ok, i’m glad you made me try this, because its actually way more enjoyable to use when you can freely jump around the timeline without thinking about the physics going haywire!

i had a random crash at one point so test this with caution in case i’ve done something dodgy, although it held up pretty well when i was jumping around a production file.

wiggle_bones1_5_b18.py (49.0 KB)