Wiggle bones (a jiggle bone implementation for 2.8)

i think the ‘additive’ option has essentially been useless for a few versions of blender now, as you can no longer bake in additive nla mode (it wasn’t really that useful anyway). but it should still be bumping your original animation untouched as a strip into one step down in the NLA, and then the wiggle bones as a layer on top of it. the idea was to leave flexibility to modify the amount of blending of the wiggle to the original animation after the fact.

if for whatever reason thats not working, or you want to generally have a little more control over the baking process, my bake button is essentially just calling the regular bake action operator anyway. so you should be able to call yourself and set it to overwrite action, which should hopefully provide the desired results! :slight_smile:


Just wanted to thank shteeve for keeping this great plugin alive. Been using it pretty much since it first appeared, but only recently joined-up here so finally I get to say thanks!

Something that often irritated me was not being able to lock rotation axis for some reason, so good to see those posts confirming it works now. Excellent, this thing is so much more than a flesh-wobbler, and it’s something I’m amazed isn’t part of the default Blender spec, especially since it tends to bring ‘life’ to everything you put it to!

Great stuff, cheers man :+1:


Is there anywhere I could support the development of Wiggle Bones 2.0? Collisions is a much needed feature!
I assume it’s no easy effort on your part to get that new release polished and sent out to us blender users. Also do you happen to have an ETA for this release?

Thank you for your work regardless.