Wii incident

Today my brother went to play Zelda: Twilight Princess. When he turned the Wii on we could not find the cursor on the screen, which was weird since my sister played earlier that day. Upon closer inspection I found a break in the thin little wire leading to the sensor bar. I tried splicing it, but it still didn’t work. Then I found another little break a few inches down the cord. I spliced it again, but it still didn’t work.

My brother remembered a little thing he read on IGN about using two candles instead of the bar. That did the trick! Until a new sensor bar arrives in the mail we will be playing the Wii by candle light. It actually works surprisingly well! I could not distinguish any difference in behavior between the sensor bar and the candles – it’s that good!

Have any of you had any Wii mishaps? We haven’t broken anything with flying Wiimotes yet, but I heard a lot of other people had.

hehe, just dont throw or wave too hard…

The title of this thread is… strange…

Wait… candles? How?

Infra red…

You need to study your physics better, Valarking :wink:

3.2 million straps recalled:
So, faulty (crappy) wiring too? Candles? I can see it now. 3.2 million Wiis recalled after gamer burns down house while playing Zelda with lit candles…

Oh, dear God! I hope the woman who hurt her finger with the wii remote is going to live.
Not that I care much for gaming consoles, but I really hope technological progress does not slow down because of idiotic consumers like these.

Wooo Hooo, a wii patch!
(I just have to laugh at all of this!)

technically it’s not a recall, but you can get replacements for your current straps if you want.
I have had no trouble with mine and I bet that most of the people tossing them into their tv’s weren’t using strap at all.

Actually I was inquiring more about the practicality and application of such a fix…

So if I show a lit candle in front of someone’s Wiimote then the accuracy will screw up?

I don’t know about that. It seems the candle is used to replace the sensor bar. I’m guessing this just relays the signal to the Wii since it has no power and the actual movement of the Wiimote will be tracked internally. In essence, the more candles the better. Here’s a video:

Not quite- apparently the ‘wii-mote’ actually triangulates the distance to calculate orientation (http://doctabu.livejournal.com/64758.html) so you want to stick with just 2 candles

3.2 million straps recalled:
So, faulty (crappy) wiring too? Candles? I can see it now. 3.2 million Wiis recalled after gamer burns down house while playing Zelda with lit candles…

Man, what a baby.

Yes, be very careful with those wiimotes, you never know what might happen.


i read an article on the post gazette where some lady who was a blackbelt cracked her 27 inch tv screen, oops. Note to self: wiimote is not a real dagger.