Wii Remote

These are pictures from my first successful Blender model. Please tell me your feedback and tips, so that I can improve on my next project.

Try a subsurface modifier because the edges are to sharp.

yeah edges too sharp, and is the A button a texture? it looks oddly flat to me. Could be improved, but I guess you’re still learning…so good job :smiley:

The A button is made using a glass texture and is rounded at the top like a real Wii remote.
I have tried to smooth the edges using a bevel, but that didn’t work. I have also tried to smooth the edges using a subsurface modifier, but that didn’t work either.
It is for these reasons that I left the edges sharp, but I still wish I could smooth them.:frowning:

azzaisme could you tell me if you call subsurface the “subdivision surface” modifier?

Maybe you can cut with “K” and then move one of the two edges? I don’t know if that will be enough though if you want something really round. But if you subdivide after having cut, it might look fine? I’m new to blender too, but I dare to share my ideas.

i think what it needs is a bevel modifier and then a subsurf modifier

also, a glossy finish would really make a gamer’s hand itch :slight_smile: