wiki manual -> pdf manual. it's here.

if anyone interested i did it in pdf format. I plan to update it monthly.
jesterking offered to host the (quilte large) file here:

up to now, it is a single pdf file, over 1700 pages, about 52 MB.

my forum post about it

Hope it helps.


This was already mentioned in the Did you know… thread, but it’s a good idea to let everyone know.

Are you sure that’s only 52 mb? I downloaded an 86 mb version from here.

Hi! i … didn’t know :smiley:

yes, that was a test release.
there is another post with the link to the new version (let’s call it “1/9/2008 release”)
just 52 mb and improved (better header and footer, date of creation, images all converted to jpg 100% quality to save space (no more pngs))

well, thank for the tip!

As Marco says, the first mention was a test-release, kinda. This is now a new release. I’ll publish it every time Marco makes a new version.


i posted some info on a few sites, justo to le tpeople know of this
now let’s see how much people shows interest.
See you october 1st :slight_smile:


thanks this helps a great deal, where I stay the internet isn’t cheap I use a 3G device to hook up to the net so i have broadband internet but it cost a lot to hook up. Having the manual avaible offline will help me out a great deal as I do use it alot.

Thank you so much for the resource!

thank you for the work you have put into this project :slight_smile:
And also, a thank you to Jester, the King for providing a slice of the dice :slight_smile:

I downloaded it, took a quick peak and am glad you (m.ardito) did all that .

Well done!

thank you all.

since today, there’s also this one (python docs 246 api reference):

i will try to improve the overall quality.

any other topics worth to convert to pdf in the official online docs?