'Wild Heart' Music Vid Stills

Some stills from a short music video I made as my learning foray into Blender, rendered at 720p.

The star…

…the start…

…the entrance…

Check out the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pybmeZf5erU

Any comments or crits are welcome!

Thanks folks…

This is a really cool video. The lighting is very good througout :slight_smile: Also, the shader for the entrance is very well done, it looks very good
If anything, the ‘cat’ character seems to move very slowly, but I guess this was intended

Thanks Pierre-Marie. Lighting on the forest was all done with one sun lamp, 3 on the cat. I don’t know what Maya’s renderer is like these days but last time I used it lighting something like this would have been unthinkable. There’s lots I like about Blender, but Cycles I love!

Yeah it’s very slow, pretty unusual for animation, always felt a bit uncomfortable about it but that’s the way it wanted to be. WTF, it’s a yin piece :o

It looks nice. The only improvement that I would suggest is the lip-syncing with the cats mouth and some more facial expressions, it kind of just looks like a stuffed animal right now.

That’s an interesting point. This is my first serious use of fur and I discovered along the way that it tends to muffle facial expression. Maybe that’s why cats all look kinda inscrutable. :eyebrowlift2:

Looking at it again I could extend the facial movement back into the skull, probably even exaggerate it, but after 6 months on this thing I need to move on. There’s a glaring gap in the action at one point that I may still fix, but the cat’s gonna have to wait til the next clip for the improvements you point out.

Thanks for the input!