Wild West revolver 3d model


(juan pablo fuentes ruiz) #1

Hey guys, this is the final result of my latest project, a wild west revolver 3d model with detailed inscriptions, it’s all modeled in and animated in blender, textured in substance painter, edited with photoshop and after effects, if you have any advice for me i would be pleased.
to see in full HD and with the animation including real time render go here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmoDE6

(3DKiwi) #2

Excellent work. Great job on the texturing. Love western handguns. I’ve got a replica Wyatt Earp .44 revolver. I modelled it in Cinema 4D a long time ago.

(birdnamnam) #3

Nice work. Excellent details. I would personally go easier on the leather stripes’s bump. It’s too harsh I think. Everything else looks perfect.

(juan pablo fuentes ruiz) #4

thanks a lot! maybe i’ll reduce a little bit the strength of the leather’s bump, i’ll try


This is really nice, good work. I love the inscriptions :smile:

(Cheinu) #6

It looks nice although one glaring issue might be the hammer. I have never seen anything like that on a revolver. I don’t know much about guns but that doesn’t look right.

(juan pablo fuentes ruiz) #7

well i actually tried really hard at following the concept art design that i found and tried to improve it, i’m not into guns that much so i dont exactly know a lot about their design and stuff…

(Cheinu) #8

You’d have to make a cutout so that the hammer can strike the firing pin. You can also just remove the hammer in it’s entirety but this is only really seen in some few modern revolver designs.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

You’re #featured, :+1:

(Piotr Adamowicz) #10

The leather is too noisy, and the voronoi on the grip is a little too obvious, but other than that, awesome work. :ok_hand:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #11

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(juan pablo fuentes ruiz) #12

thanks a lot :smiley:

(Michael Kimber) #13

Wow! The gun you modeled is tremendous :wink::+1:. How did you manage to get that little shine effect in the 2nd image? It really takes your render to the next level. :laughing:

(Astro1derboy) #14

This reminds me of something Malcolm Reynolds would’ve carried . . . and this would’ve been worthy of his arsenal IMO. This is superb!! [Two thumbs up!]

(juan pablo fuentes ruiz) #15

Hey, thanks a lot for your comment, that is made with the combination of the glare effect in blender and some tweaks in photoshop.

(juan pablo fuentes ruiz) #16

absolutely, thanks a lot for your good vibes!

(cam.dudes) #17

This looks great, like it should replace the Gears of War boltok. . . But as an American, it is my duty to criticize the anatomy of this here firearm. :us::us::us:

  1. The cylinder is backwards
  2. The gap between the cylinder and the inside-back of the frame would either be disastrous or the hammer could never hit the primers
  3. The rod underneath the barrel is either to push casings out of a loading gate (not on this revolver), or it can be pushed to extract all of the casings at once when the cylinder is hinged out (like your revolver does). The rod doesn’t move on this model.
  4. The hammer can’t do anything
  5. The curve on the frame looks like it would stop the cylinder from swinging out to the side
  6. The casings are not rimmed
  7. The rims on the casings are too thick
  8. No rear sight?
  9. The frame under the hammer would destroy the shooter’s hand because of the sharp edges
  10. It looks like the revolver is hinting at being a top-break model, and at the same time it looks like it has a part of a ram rod component for a cap-and-ball revolver
  11. Huge flat primers on casings
  12. That flat piece on the trigger guard would also be uncomfortable, and rub on the middle finger
  13. What is that little rod on the “front” of the cylinder?
  14. If this is a mid-1800s revolver, the bullets shouldn’t have a copper jacket
  15. The top of the frame is very skinny compared to the really fat bottom
  16. Trigger is too small

Don’t let that ruin your day, it is a cool model. Sins were committed by the concept artist. Most of the time when people design objects, they need to be educated in the real-world designing of those objects. Like Half-Life 2 had an industrial-architecture dude design the combine tech.


(Elias Romero) #18

Looks gorgeous but Im a bit off on the tiny leather stripes looped around the grip. I think bigger and more tightened leather straps would be fitting on the grip for as best ergonomic as it can be. The bundle of wrapped leather looks like it needs to be rewrapped or are a bit to lose in my opinion.

(juan pablo fuentes ruiz) #19

Hey man, if I’m honest, the leather straps are a really strange gear on that weapon, bus as I said in my description I’m following the original design by the concept artist, I know mistakes were made and I didn’t fix them, but we’ll, thanks for your comment!

(sundialsvc4) #20

Freely acknowledging that perhaps the model is not physically accurate – “it looks way-y-y-y cool, and I guess that counts for something. … :smiley: