Wilderness Survival RPG - "Singular Objective: Winter"

I know I said my last thread would be my progress thread, but then a friend of mine pointed out I might get more interest if I put the type of game in the thread and not just the name of the game.

Anyway here is a HUGE developer diary gameplay video with all the updates (Kind of long, but if you watch on Youtube, there are navigation markers in the description):

Since my last post, updates include:

  • More items
  • Added crafting/survival materials
  • Added a ‘build-fire’ skill (glimpse at the upcoming RTS/Base-building elements)
  • Working combat
  • Material harvesting
  • Item Salvaging
  • Metrics Management (ability to heal/warm up/add calories)
  • loot drops and loot chests
  • enemy AI adjustments

Please leave feedback and questions (doesn’t have to be positive), let me know if you think this has the potential to be commercially viable and what I should do to make it more so.


make the goodies BIGGER! love the project, very interesting gameplay. will keep my eye on this thread for updates

Waiting for the demo.