Will Blender ever have a 'generic' nodal setup? a.k.a blendini

Love Blender so far, switched from Max, and I use a little of Houdini.
I would love to see a nodal interface for (ALL, or as much as possible) of the currently available operations in Blender.
Are there plans for something like this yet? I’ve seen the Animation graph features but it seems to be aiming at a specific use as its name says.

Blendini really would be the shit. :slight_smile:
Houdini is totally great but you’re absolutely naked in it, so when you’re not into spending time at tech-art…
something in between substance designer and blender (not purpose-wise but user friendly-wise/workflow) would totally be my go-to tool for lots of things, and easily share-able…
I’m currently doing a last pass in Blender, for terrains and re-adjusting each time is a pain am I missing out on a better non destructive way to do things…?Might actually switch to Houdini for this task.


Try sorcar.

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There is ongoing “Everything Nodes” long term project, but it is far feature.


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Sometime I wish a very, very wealthy person would leave a large amount of money to Blender in order to put a team onto each of its features. A lot of Blender is fragmented, with very uneven levels of development on different parts, but there is something so nice about it being a “one-stop shop” for so much.

But, with a good, organized rethink, a comprehensive plan for consistency, and the man-power to pull it off… Blender 2.8 was a definite step in the right direction. And if the “everything-nodes” becomes the new foundation, I think that could be incredibly cool and powerful. Having access to nodes underneath everything, but Blender “as-is” on top of it… phew

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I find Svershok quite good and then there are animtion nodes.

Thanks ! I’ll document myself about these / try out :slight_smile: One major point that could make me pick one over the other would be the ability to create a node from other nodes? Like save a network as a tool.

I’m guessing that’s where it’s going with autodesk not being interesting anymore?

With Jimmy Gunawan you are good to go.

So I have just tried Sorcar and Animation nodes, here my observations:

Sorcar is very promising, altough crashes a lot, and has a few key features missing the first one I noticed was not being able to get any bounding box informations? Maybe I missed it…

Animation Nodes I liked the content a lot but unfortunately it really seems to focused on animating existing stuff and not making stuff. Like just the fact you have to pick what object you apply it on kind of makes it useless to me, I’d like to use the network to make my own quick modifiers and if it includes using cubes or some primitive, I don’t want to have to spawn it everytime…

Going to give a try to Sorcar some more maybe if I can find that bounding box. But it crashes a lot.

Now downloading Schevrok

EDIT: Okay it really seems like Schevrok is the one to go with right now. Altough I liked Sorcar simplicity. But it is not reliable as of now to me (crash crash crash)