Will Blender ever have a mode for rendering 3D shots that can be used with 3D glasses

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could make actual 3D scenes for use with 3D glasses? Has this ever been discussed?

Multi View branch

Thanks! This would be so awesome if it happened. I would totally donate to help fund this.

these stuff could be done so easily with other programes, because for the glasses, all you need to do is make a 2 pass overlay of the images, and the glasses acts as a filter, so one eye would be looking at the real image, and the other is acting as a depth of feild pass, making it an optical illution of poping up, but first what glasses?
for blue and red ones all you need to do is overlay a blue version of image over the red version (with the correct side)
for the mono coloured ones, you need to find their photon passing index (idk if it is ior, therefore a more general term)

There’s actually a talk scheduled about this branch at this year’s Blender Conference.

Also, the game engine supports stereoscopic output pretty well.

there is also an addon that someone made a while ago, and it works great… the only thing that doesnt have is previewing in the viewport, but it works great.

You could render two scenes with the camera manually offset just enough to replicate the human eyes. After that, you just need a way to combine the images so they can be viewed on a 3d capable display.

Yes, I’ve just finished my first test of 3D stereoscopic done with 2 camera witch are tracking the same empty. But I think I remember that there will be an addon witch will be added around the 2.70 version.

This is my first try