Will blender make my image of brushstrokes look real?

I have been scanning paintings done with oil and freezer paper and compose them into image editors to make a digital painting. sometimes i would levels, threshold, unsharp, emboss my images to produce more details in my brushstrokes. i would like try map heights or embossing effects in blender but the learning curve is high. can someone here load these images and play with it, make brushstrokes more real or interesting? i would like to see them and see if I could go in that direction. the images are at: https://s10.postimg.org/7zc7p27e1/Scan_20170803_7.jpg
or for close up and memory saving:

the quality of the links may not be great. please download this image [https://www.flickr.com/photos/dowthompson/36381900351/sizes/o/


The images work well as a bump map, this could be tweaked a thousand ways, but the concept is there.

that looks fantastic! going to be a tough learning curve ahead for me. thanks for the proofs. theres a thousand ways to make brushstrokes as well. if someone can do a set of 12 in high res image and make the lamp not so noticeable, I’ll do a portrait for them. thanks.

Adaptive subdivision will allow you to get good detail from the paint strokes as well.