Will Mango need AAF importer/exporter? For media.

With all the talk of 3D model interchange importers/exporters for random obscure modelers, does anyone think we will get a media interchange system?

Mango would seem to make this necassary. They will be shooting on RED cameras and probably other cameras as “B” roll or second crews for pick up shots. They could even crowd source some footage for matte paintings, timelapses, city scapes etc.

It would be really handy to have some way to organise all that inside and outside blender. There is a Standards body that has prescribed a system for embedding Media and it’s requisite MetaData. They made AAF.

from the wiki @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Authoring_Format:

The Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) is a professional file interchange format designed for the video post production and authoring environment…

The AAF Object Specification defines a structured container for storing essence data and metadata using an object-oriented model. The AAF Object Specification defines the logical contents of the objects and the rules for how the objects relate to each other.

It means that you can handle disparate elements in a project AND add meaning based on their use in a project, source timecode, edit timecode, effects usage etc.

AAF does a number of things:

  • Allows complex relationships to be described in terms of an object model.
  • Facilitates the interchange of metadata and/or program content.
  • Provides a way to track the history of a piece of program content from its source elements through final production.
  • Makes downstream rendering possible (with appropriate equipment).
  • Provides a convenient way to “wrap” all elements of a project together for archiving.
    By preserving source referencing, and abstracting the creative decisions that are made, AAF tries to improve workflow and simplify project management.

How hard is this to do, is it a practical target? And is it possible to engineer in FOSS?

SDK from here: http://aaf.sourceforge.net/

I wonder if this sort of thing, tracking video clips (frame sequences or camera media), from the VSE to the compositor for example, is a python sort of task? That is allocating frame ranges and tracking timecode.

I’m not sure about the tech details but it sounds like a good idea and would be a great addition to the VSE.
Maybe that way we can finally get some sort of media management (or substitute) in Blender.