Will someone please make me a women's apple fitbit watch?

I am very busy with current blender projects, so could someone please make me a women’s apple fitbit watch that looks just like the one shown in the below image?

Please go fairly easy on the polycount, this is meant to be used as a game mod for Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Try to keep it around a few thousand tris.

I would like three different versions of this watch, one with a pink strap, a gray strap, and a black strap.


Hello there. Do you still need help with that?

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Yes, in fact, I do.

I’ll give it a shot.

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I still have to do the buckle and I’m quite worried about polycount…

Can you be more detailed when you say “a few thousand tris”?

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Looking good!

maybe a limit of 10-15K tris?

What’s the tris count so far?

Also, I’d like a gray strap and a black strap.

Is it done?

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This is the volunteer work forum.

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Hello, sorry I’ve been busy with the weekend challenge. I should be able to finish the model soon. How does it work for texturing from Blender to Fallout?

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Hello, I don’t really understand your request. Is it just because LBJ asked if “it was done”?

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The 3D model mesh format in Fallout 4/creation engine is a .nif (net immerse file) and the textures are .dds (direct draw surface).

But I plan on uploading the watch to Nexusmods as a modder’s resource.

There are many skilled modders there who know what to do with it, so you can use whatever textures you want.

Getting there… A model is 8.6k tris. So far only principled shaders are used. Do you want them like that? I’m not sure I can provide good texturing.

The buckle is simplistic, I don’t know if the inside is supposed to be visible in potential mod.

Let me know.

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Looking good!