willettfx Sketchbook

Ive been using Blender and Sculptris little over 2 years ,as far as Blender sculpt Im trying to learn. 2 months ago upgraded my desktop now I can grab the sphere in blender sculpt.
I enjoy Blender and Sculptris ,I got into cg art to maybe help me in my designing animatronics ,been sculpting (real clay) and making monsters for 35 years .
I Love Monsters.

Rendered this lastnight


Just rendered this ,Large dragon with gar Sculptris /Blender rendered cycles

Wonderful thread!

Thank you michalis Blender rendered test with sculptris dragons

Im impressed, so do you are you going to 3d print these?

Nice work… hope to see more… I love some of the very thin wing sculpting you’ve got going on there…

I like the texture you get in the surface, makes sense since you have been working in real clay for so long

Really impressive work!

Thank you Guys, clay work

I want to animate this creature ,retopology …Im learning .

Your amazing at sculpting clay AND digital :smiley: I’m hoping to start sometime sculpting clay! Sounds fun :slight_smile: Great Job.
I especially love The first image in the #14th post

Thank You Nathan ,I to enjoy sculpting in clay ,but 50 years old hands hurt sometimes. And what I love about digital sculpting is symmetry …lol

With some of those real-life sculpts it can be hard to believe that you’re not using actual animal tissue in spots.

I can easily see how your physical sculpting skills is carrying easily to the digital realm, so excellent work on both the real sculpts and the CG ones.

BTW; don’t ask me how to work with clay, I made a crude looking computer with an illustration of Sim City 4 on the monitor back in 7th grade once, but let’s just say I’m much better at CGI than traditional mediums.

As for the retopology sessions, the current builds of Blender trunk have a markedly improve bridge tool along with a grid-fill tool that, combined with the shrinkwrap modifier, looks to be very useful with retopology work (boosting that ability a bit compared to 2.67). You might want to check it out.

Got some really cool things here! Nice work! :yes:

Thanks Ace,VickyM