Willy's Jeep

First Attempt :slight_smile:
C&C Are Welcome :stuck_out_tongue:


looking good

search forum there are a few threads on this jeep
depends also which model your doing !

let me know I can give you a few threads on it

happy bl

Look nice :slight_smile: Good fun

Ss said by RickyBlender, there are much discussions and wip about this beautiful jeep. For example, you can follow HERE the my WIP :smiley:

Yea Sure :slight_smile:

Yea will take a look at it :slight_smile:

A Little Update : Wireframe Render

Looks great, that mesh is so clean. Great work.

Finished the final scene creation.
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C&C Please :slight_smile:

Nice! Good job :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I love Jeeps! :slight_smile: got to say its looking pretty good! I am not sure but i feel like the windshield is a bit off. Its missing the detail of the wipers - not sure if they are there but if so they are hard to see - usually a jeeps windshield is really dirty except for where they wipe