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finishedMovie30001-0300.mkv (2.3 MB)

I hope this uploaded OK?

My third project, after a donut-and-coffee animation and a simple rigged bubblehead figure is this animation of the rocket and gantries from Herge’s Tintin Desination Moon adventure.

It’s very disorganized as I tried things, learning details about building a complex object as I went along. (I now know to be more organized) I could not figure out backgrounds, so there’s a plane with a mountain scene backdrop behind the tarmac. After a few hours of rendering, oops, the shadow of the rocket and gantries hit that background. Rather than join the struts of the metalword, the pieces are just intersecting - so my collection has over a hundred metal struts, 24 (torus) wheels, 48 hubcap flattened semi-spheres, etc. I haven’t spent a lot of time (yet) on making the materials look good.

Version 2 - took 43 hours to render the smoke - up to 23 min per frame using an i7 4790. I had to chop off the final 7 frames for the movie because the front of the adaptive boundary domain box became visible. Unfortunately, it’s too big to upload here. (17MB)
Sample frame -

Here it is with the animation re-rendered as 40% of original images’ frame size.
finishedMovieGoodSmoke30001-0575.mkv (3.7 MB)

(Another good reason to render as frame images and save those too.)